Master X Master, A collaboration like no other, by Monet's Palette
A Collaboration like no other

This inspired collaboration between two skilled artists, master painter, Claude Monet, and master perfumer, Nathalie Lorson, lead to an outstanding eau de parfum and candle that has brought Claude Monet's renowned painting of The Garden at Giverny to life.

Monet's fragrance bottle surrounded by flowers
The Garden of Giverny
Master Painter

Claude Monet, the master of impressionist art, created the most magnificent garden in the world at his home in France. The garden at Giverny is a magical place of dancing light, color and scent. Here, every imaginable flower nestles, their fragrances intertwined, and is tended with love.

The love of Monet's life, his wife Camille, would keep her perfume in a glass cut bottle. This bottle reflected the same light Monet longed for in his paintings and garden.

"My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece." - Claude Monet
Master Perfumer

Walking along the paths in the garden of Giverny that were planned and created by Monet himself, I was inspired by everything I saw: the fabled water garden and lily pond; the colors and scents of the muguet and peony in all their lush beauty; and the elegant Japanese bridge that is so timeless and so deeply associated with Giverny. I truely felt transported to another place and time, and I somehow felt his presence there.

"I am honored to be the perfumer bringing Monet’s garden to life - Nathalie Lorson"
The Designer, Nathalie Lorson
Nathalie Lorson's Showcase