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Blaze your own trail with the confidence you garner from wearing Amouage Journey Man, a bold men's fragrance released by Amouage in 2014 that encompasses all facets of your unique personality. At first impression, the men's scent packs a punch with spicy Sichuan pepper, which tangles with sweet cardamom and aromatic cardamom to express your softer side. Hints of neroli bring a romantic appeal to the scent, giving way to the heart notes, where juniper berries embody strength with their rugged, earthy qualities.
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Marrying fruity and floral notes, Amouage Journey keeps you feeling fresh, fun and flirty all the way to your destination. Introduced in 2014 by the Amouage design house, this fragrance for women starts with luscious top notes of apricot and the soft, sensuous scent of osmanthus for a smooth, velvety first impression. Sweet and natural jasmine sweeps in with a fresh floral scent, while spicy nutmeg and aromatic cardamom provide the perfect amount of warmth.
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